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Expertise mentoring, trainings and workshops online, and in Bali.

Stella’s teachings delve deep into understanding our unique structural anatomy/biomechanics, joint health and pain science, and how they apply to ANY movement modality you teach.

- Does our core need to be strong to protect our lower back?
- Are you confident teaching backbends if someone has back pain?
- How do you cater for a class of students that all have different hip or knee issues?

Yoga Mechanics Online Course

Empower yourself to teach any BODY on and off the mat.

This course is designed for new and existing yoga teachers to delve deeper into understanding our UNIQUE ANATOMY and how it affects our individual biomechanics in a Yoga Asana class setting.

Stella covers in detail The SPINE & CORE, THE HIPS and THE SHOULDERS with over 20 hours of tutorials , asana/mobility videos, and full length master classes to upskill you to the next level of teaching.

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With an evidence based approach to learning, common alignment and cues are discussed, myths are debunked, and new insights and tools are given to you to use on yourself and in your group classes.

Learn to cue inclusively, be comfortable working with all injuries, and give yourself a new found freedom to step away from the dogmatic alignment practices that can limit your teaching repertoire and hinder your students yoga experience.

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Now $199USD

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Note: Yoga mechanics course is hosted by Loka Yoga School. Payments will take you directly to the Loka yoga website payment page.

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Anatomy is more like guidelines than actual rules. It is often taught that alignment is important for injury prevention, and that there's one correct or optimal setup for every pose.
We now have scientific reasoning to encourage and explore variation, so we keep yoga inclusive and supported for all our magnificent bodies.”

Pilates Teacher Training

Stella Movement teacher training July 2024 Bali (dates TBC).

Learn Stella’s method of combining movement practices to take your programming to the next level, and to help your clients build a strong, flexible and resilient body.
Open to fitness professionals: Pilates & Yoga teachers, PT’s, health professionals. Includes Pilates, Mobility, Barre and the Garuda Method

Yoga Teacher Training

Stella is available for “Our unique anatomy and biomechanics” workshops, “Movement as medicine’ workshops, and master class for YTT’s and retreats worldwide.

Please contact Stella and provide details for your workshop.

Affliate YTT’s in Bali

Stella is available for  ‘Our unique anatomy and biomechanics’ workshops, ‘Movement as medicine’ workshops, and master class for YTT’s and retreats worldwide.

Please contact Stella and provide details for your workshop.


Ready to excel your teaching skills?

Stella’s mentoring program, open to yoga, pilates, barre, and fitness enthusiasts, empowers you with expert guidance.

Stella provides insights for innovative programming, effective cues, and injury management. Whether you’re new or experienced, you will elevate your teachings with absolute confidence and skill.

This is a tailored mentoring program to suit your schedule and budget, conducted online for convienience.
Provide your details below, and Stella will schedule a call.

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