10% of all online purchases goes towards medical bills and rehabilitation of abused or injured animals in Bali.

About Stella

Stella is a movement specialist and teacher trainer with over a decade of experience teaching Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Garuda, Mobility and FRC.

With a deep understanding and knowledge of biomechanics, pain science and joint health, Stella’s signature style and sustainable programs will help you move better, tone up, and build a resilient body for life. 

Are you ready to get out of pain, gain more energy and feel your best self?

Her supportive and inclusive training environment welcomes all fitness levels.

Join the Stella Movement at Body Factory Bali , or contact her to book your online private session to experience movement as the most powerful medicine!

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Animal charities

10% of all privates sessions and online courses goes towards emergency medical bills and rehabilitation of abused or injured animals in Bali.

By training with me you are helping not 1, but many of our furry friends a chance at life.

There are many wonderful humans helping the animals in Bali, and I like to help as many as I can who dont have the rescources to do online marketing for donations. I check the alerts on facebook daily and donate to who needs it most. Check my insta strories and highlights of the various rescues and allocation of donations. Some animal charities who always need donations are below, any amount is wonderful and appreciated. Thank you for moving, caring and saving with me.

Click a logo below to be taken to their website for detailed info of the organization. Or contact Stella directly on how you can help.


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